Linda's stay in Paris

Most of you are still wondering how life is in Paris these days, and how secure one would feel in the City of Love.
Linda is an independent affiliate of Protravel and needed 3 flats in St-Gemain-des-Prés for her family stay in Paris.
Charlotte found for her client 2 very typical two-bedroom flats and 1 practical one-bedroom flat, in the lovely 6th Disctrict.
You can find below her answers about the general feel of Paris Streets.

How did you like your apartment in Paris?

We all liked our apartments. I was confused on figuring out how to get into the building.  My transfer driver was great and showed me how to use the codes that were on the contract.

What was the feel of the streets of Paris? Did you feel secure?

People were out and about their business.  We felt very safe.  Many Parisians thanked us for coming even after the terrorist attacks.
How did you feel the general atmosphere in Paris?
We walked many miles, visited many museums, took the RER to Versailles, rode the buses everywhere, shopped and enjoyed the Christmas Market on the Champs Elysées. 

Were the access difficult into museums, airports, tourist attractions?

NO!  There were no lines for entry anywhere.  We walked right up to the ticket window at the Eiffel Tower and bought tickets right to the top. The security lines were not long, either.  The airport security line was very, very long upon departure, however.  We were in the DL Priority Line, so our wait wasn’t too bad, and we arrived at the airport very early to avoid stress.

Did you enjoy your stay?

We enjoyed our stay immensely.  Paris is a beautiful city and should be on everyone’s “bucket list”.  We loved shopping for food and bringing it back to our apartments to prepare.

As you can see, the streets of Paris feel very secure, with the Police patrolling very regularly.
Also, there is only small lines to go into museums in Paris. However, for security measures, line can be longer at airports and train stations.
What about you ? When are you clients next coming to Paris ? Is there any more specific information you would need ?

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