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Some of you coming to ILTM might have seen that some luggage took more time than usual to arrive in Nice airport. Also, people were demonstrating in front of Roissy Airport this morning.
But what has been happening with Air France on December 2nd and 3rd?
Are these strikes supposed to continue?

A torn shirt round the world

You remember the images of October 5th: Air France HR manager Xavier Broseta fleeing bare chest, his shirt torn to pieces by angry Air France Employees. The meeting just before announcemed the firing of 2 900 Air France employees, driving people crazy and ending in this incredible scene of M Broseta trying to climb a fence in order to flee mad employees.
On December 2nd, 5 of these employees where at Bobigny’s Court. People from different Air France unions gathered today in front of the Court to show their support. To them, Those 5 employees have been wrongly accused of violence.

Sit-in by Air France headquarters

Today, two minor air pilots’ syndicates have called a strike on Air France’s Headquarters in Roissy on December 3rd.
SPAF (21%) and Aler (not representative) have called a strike against job suppressions and ask for the tribunal to stop legal proceedings against the employees following the incidents of October 5th.
Other syndicates are not calling for a strike.
They will come together at a sit-in – a pacific demonstration – in front of Air France’s Headquarters on December.

No other demonstration or strike has been forecast for the moment in the near future.
And you, did that happen to you recently? Do you follow the Air France "Saga"?
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