Traveling around the US From Oct 18 thru Nov 24th.

A big tour it is! 
Once in a while I fly to the US to meet my clients. It's nice to do.
This time, I started in Orlando, attending for a few days the Ensemble conference. They are nice people. Most travel agents are dedicated to the cruise industry and don't always need our services. Still, a conference is a long process of listening but also chatting, drinking, laughing. It's also an exhausting routing.
It has been for me the opportunity to see what Orlando is. How could I define it? It's an interesting shot cut of how the Americans keep their childhood alive. A friend of mind, who is a very serious travel agent from Chicago was exited to death by the Harry Potter new attraction. It's definitely not a question of how old you are! Very good fun to be escorted that way. You can't imagine how refreshing it is for a French guy used to be surrounded by serious people!!! Good fun indeed!!
Then,  came all the cities all around Florida. A long stop in Miami and all around north.
Next step is now Atlanta, where I will join Louise, my colleague and nevertheless friend from the NoteWothy Group. New meetings and sales calls await me there. The big thing in Atlanta and the main excuse to stop is the Brownell travel yearly meeting. The whole company is here and I am thrilled to be invited.  I will have to deliver a couple of 15' trainings. As I talk a lot, I have to get ready to deliver 15' and not more. A real challenge!
Then, will come Little Rock for 3 days, followed by Las Vegas, again. this year is only twice after Travel Mart thios last August, I attend to the Signature show. A four day stop with again a lot of drinkSSSS (with many S).
As it was absolutely necessary to take advantage of the way back to France (!!!), Chicago will be the final destination. Three days of sales calls and hop, I will be in the arms of my Doudou. 
 I will come back with more than 1500 b'ss cards, all people I met and chatted with... Ha Sisyphe!

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