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It took just one vintage, 1978, for the world to see just how great Chateau Margaux could be!!!

Chateau Margaux was founded in the 1400's. Once the residence of Edward III, King of England, it was one of the most stately fortified chateaux in Guyenne. Over the centuries, the property changed ownership several times. In 1804, the Marquis of La Colonilla acquired the property, razed the old Gothic manor-house and built in its place the chateau which still stands today.
In 1977 the property was purchased by Laura and Andre Mentzelopoulos. Lavish amounts of money were immediately spent on the vineyards and the winemaking facilities. Emile Peynaud was retained as a consultant to oversee the vinification of the wine. Apprehensive observers expected it would take several vintages before all the improvements would show up in the wine.

Time honored techniques still prevail here. Harvesting of the grapes are always done by hand so as to discard grapes that are overripe or unripe. The wine is fermented in oak vats. Once the assemblage has been performed, the wine is placed in new oak barrels from the Troncais Forest for two years. These barrels are always new and most are handcrafted by the estate's cooper. Racked several times and clarified with six egg whites per barrel after one year.

Wine is opulent and rich. A multidimensional bouquet with a fragrance of ripe black currants, spicy vanilla oakiness and violets.

The average annual production of the Grand vin, Château Margaux, is 150,000 bottles.

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