Make A Wish. It's good for all of us!!

Decouvertes provides One percent  (1%) of our over whole business to Make A Wish!
Is that a big deal?

Sure it is! It is a big deal to us! 

It's a big deal for our employees as  it creates a bit of sense to our amazing amount of daily work; knowing that a small part of the money we earn goes to the foundation reconnects us with the world out of the travel industry.

For the travel agents? Yes, indeed!! The more we go, the more we get testimonials of Travel Agents saying that it was a part of the closing. Our travelers, as the travel agents,  love to know that booking through us, they contribute to bringing some hope in the families.
Decouvertes is a DMC that is to say, the once that make the traveler dreams true. At some point, we thought it was relevant for us to help the kids to make their dreams true.
Decouvertes is proud to support the foundation. Thank you to the Make A wish team to make that we are part of it.

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