How important it is to associate partners to its brand! Ducasse Cooking school in Paris.

Ducasse is definitely a big name and a god among the gods.

Alain Ducasse cooking school sponsors Decouvertes' Food & Wine collection. Waooo!!
We are of course very proud of that! Beyond it is also a fantastic opportunity to share that school with our clients and to let them know all the other cooking opportunities that Decouvertes comes up with over the market.
Cooking classes for kids, for teens, for the whole family, for adults, kosher cuisine with a Michelin starred chef in Paris, list is endless…Would you like to visit open air markets with an American food journalist?
We encourage you to discover all these traveling options in our web site www.decouvertes.fr and more specifically: http://www.decouvertes.fr/travel/finder/all/all/55/all

Come and cook in Paris, we have the very best connections for you,

Book Alain Ducassse Cooking School and get amenities! And, of course book the others…

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